Fooler Tips:

- Direct wind at back of tip-up to avoid wind trips.

- Increase tension if needed on extremely windy days, move the black flag clip to the second hole to keep the tension against the rubber stop.

**For customers with the original one hole flag: A second hole can be punched about 1/2 inch above the existing flag hole using a small nail or needle.

- Elevate tip-up on a Finicky Fooler Diverter, bucket, block of wood, tackle box etc. to avoid drift over of snow on windy days.

- We recommend using a Finicky Fooler Diverter on windy days to help prevent snowdrift and wind flag trips.

- Use a bobber stop to mark your depth.

- We recommend the Finicky Fooler Hole Cover & Rim to avoid ice forming in the hole.

- We found that Berkley FireLine and Nanofil 6 to 8 lb. test or suffix 832 work well.

- Monofilament works fine if you find one that won't spring off the reel.