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Robby L. - Verified Buyer

“Absolutely awesome. Can be set to any size bait and so light if they breathe on it game over haha. Been slaying fish on em and super easy to set up for whatever fish your after on any rod.”

Alan C. - Verified Buyer

“I've tried them all, and the Finicky Fooler is the easiest to use and to pack away as well.”

Nick T. - Verified Buyer

“Very versatile and works well on anything from crappies and perch to pike.”

Matt H. - Verified Buyer

is a Verified Buyer "Bought 2 Finicky Foolers and love them. I've had them out twice now and they work flawlessly. Much nicer then a standard tip up.”

Darren E. - Verified Buyer

"These things are CRAZY AWESOME!!! Even better they're locally produced. Great product and they work flawlessly... If anybody has any hesitation about purchasing this product because they think it's a gimmick... BUY IT!!! It's not a gimmick! They work! I have been a tip-down fisherman for a loooong time and this is a better contraption by far! Thank you for a great product and prompt service, I'm sure I will be buying more!"


Finicky Fooler Tip-Ups are designed for rod and reel, open bail ice fishing.  This unique design allows for the fish to free spool the line so that the user is able to set the hook for a thrilling fight with the fish.  The trigger can be set ultra sensitive to fool those finicky panfish and walleye, or increase the tension and use large live bait for those aggressive pike.  It also takes away the hassle of pulling in a fish by hand as with other tip-ups.  The Fooler stores compactly making for convenient transport.  Check out all of our latest products!
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Finicky Fooler Ice Fishing Products
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"Forget Pulling, Get Reeling!"

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